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About Us

Our management team is highly qualified. We work for over 18 years in Field Marketing activities in Portugal and abroad and in sectors such as FMCG, Consumer Electronics, Information Technology and Telecommunications...

  • What We Offer?

    Bechosen offers a variety of services in the Field Marketing area that allows us to support the products and services of our clients throughout all stages of their life cycles.

  • Who We Are?

    We are a young, dynamic and innovative field marketing company who truly provides intelligent marketing solutions and delivers high quality services in Sales, Merchandising, Auditing, Sample & Demonstrating, Mystery Shopping, Promotions, Roadshows & Events, Customer Care, and Consulting to our clients.

  • Where We Act?

    In order to increase market share and drive sales for our clients we deliver our services in both the business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) segments, developing effective customer contact trough face-to-face, call centre and web activities.

Our Mission
To be the accepted leader in delivering Field Marketing solutions that drive growth to our clients. Our action is based on solid values shared by the entire team: Pursuing excellence; Continuously innovate; Act with integrity; Focus on results.

What is Field Marketing?


The Field Marketing Council defines Field Marketing as «the provision of highly skilled and trained people to conduct brand-building strategic (long-term) or tactical (short-term) exercises on behalf of clients. Staff are employed by the field marketing company, which in turn is outsourced by the client to complete specific goals and targets. Field Marketing delivers results and ensures brand development in terms of accountability, visibility, availability and sales».

Field Marketing is one of the fastest growing disciplines within the marketing spectrum that delivers quantifiable results & offers direct solutions to issues of sales, distribution and exposure.

Our Values

  • Results
  • Excellence
  • Action
  • Innovation
  • Integrity

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Our Services

Bechosen offers a wide range of field marketing activities that enables us to support our client’s products and services throughout every stage of their life cycle.

  • Sales

    Outsourcing sales activities allows cost-benefit analysis to be conducted and thus makes field marketing (...)

  • Replenishment and Merchandising

    Merchandising activity is designed to ensure success in the battle for space in the retailing sector in terms of space (...)

  • Auditing

    Auditing has traditionally been carried out in the retail environment but its use is now being valued across a much wider (...)

  • Digital e And Social Media

    The future is digital, so it is extremely important that companies create and maintain your online presence (...)

  • Corporate Events

    Events are important tools in the activity of a company because they offer the opportunity to the company to be (...)

  • Event Organization

    The event organization is the whole process of planning an event. Whether it is a ceremony, a party or a congress (...)

  • Window Dressing

    The window dressing is one area of merchandising that covers the design, organization, expositions and decorations in commercial (...)

  • Leaflet Distribution

    A leaflet is usually an ad on paper that is distributed in a public place or by mail (...)

  • Sales Promotion

    In a broad sense, all categories provide the opportunity to try, test or explain the benefits of a range of products or (...)

  • Mystery Shopping

    This is the process of measuring and reporting covertly on customer service and sales standards at the (...)

  • Consulting

    Companies that optimise their sales system and marketing efforts to win in today’s economic conditions will expand their market (...)

  • Roadshows and Events

    Every company would like to get out amongst their customers at roadshows and events, but most just don’t have (...)

  • Models and Hostesses

    Each event is a unique event. Small details can dictate the success or failure of that event (...)

  • Restyling

    The restyling allows a change of our look in a way that reaches the intended objective (...)

  • Store Decoration

    A good store decoration is essential for visual differentiation of commercial space (...)

  • POS Placements

    POS Placements are extremely important in a highly competitive market where the highlight is a factor (...)

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BeChosen is part of an international network of independent field marketing agencies.

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